The Airport Dental Centre
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Welcome to The Airport Dental Centre web site! As you explore our website you will find that it reflects our dedication to making our patients feel at ease. It is an information resource built with you in mind, from information on dental procedures and conditions to the news about our Dental Centre and its involvement in the surrounding community. You are invited to visit as often as you would like as we will always have news to share with you.

We are one of Durham Region’s newest dental facilities located on the Ground Floor of Oshawa Clinic’s, new Taunton Health Centre. Our location offers the convenience of a Pharmacy, Urgent care Walk-in Medical Clinic, Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging Services along with Medical Family Practitioners and Specialists all on site. Because we can offer and deliver a broad range of dental services which are coordinated between our general and specialty dental practitioners, you might think of us as a medical center for the mouth and teeth!

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what's new?

As we move closer to our launch date of Spring 2006, we encourage you to check back periodically to see how the build is progressing. We will be updating our website pictures up to the completion of the project.

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inspired office décor and design , click on the About Us tab.

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All of our Autoworkers patients will be afforded the same insurance benefits and services that they are presently receiving with no changes or extra fees.

Free Parking for Dental Centre Patients!.

Come join us at The Airport Dental Center, new passengers are always welcome.