Differential Diagnosis of Orofacial Pain


Differential Diagnosis of Orofacial Pain

Not all pain in the facial region suggests that it is dental health related. That’s why the differential diagnosis of orofacial pain is considered essential before a dentist could conclude with a certain prognosis. The correct diagnosis will make a difference between treating or complicating the real issue.  

For busy practitioners, differentiating certain facial pain could be difficult and may involve a rigid and thorough evaluation. According to the Oshawa dentist, the fact that common signs and symptoms do not point to only one problem is what makes the diagnosis hard. Nevertheless, that is the only way to determine the patient’s complaint and apply proper treatment.

The usual categories that dentists come up after a differential diagnosis of orofacial pain fall among headaches, intraoral pain, and temporomandibular disorder.

Differential diagnosis of orofacial pain

Whenever a patient comes in the clinic to complain about orofacial pain, our dentists would follow these procedures:

Talk about the pain

Our Oshawa dentist probes the patient about the pain. He needs to understand what could have caused it, where it lingers or occurs, and when it started. The patient should also be able to present the characteristic of the discomfort. Describing it if it’s throbbing, recurring, or simply becomes sensitive whenever the patient does something would be very helpful.

Comprehensive exam

Just like a regular checkup, differential diagnosis of orofacial pain would also require a physical examination of the patient. This time, it doesn’t only involve his teeth but the rest of the parts of the oral cavity. The head, neck, and face are being examined as well.  


It takes a skilled and experienced Oshawa dentist to truly determine the certain cause of orofacial pain. Without having the right capability, it’s possible to do irreversible dental treatment that might lead to complications. Always choose the right specialist and ensure your oral health.


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