Management of Tooth Trauma


Management of Tooth Trauma

A dental injury should be managed right away since it causes increasing distress to both children and parents. Tooth trauma is quite common to kids as a result of accidents from playing sports or for simply being carefree. Nonetheless, you should always have a contingency plan in case these mishaps happen. The most important thing to keep is the contact number of the emergency dentist ready on speed dial.

Types of dental injury

Knocked-out tooth

A knocked-out tooth occurs when the entire tooth has completely separated from its socket. This kind of dental injury should be considered urgent and fragile. If this happens to your kid, manage the bleeding by pressing a clean gauze on the source. Retrieve the tooth and keep it in a container with milk. Rush to the emergency dentist after carrying over the first aid. In the office, our dentist will clean out the blood clot with a saline solution and put back the avulsed tooth into the socket.

Fractured tooth

A fractured tooth usually shows signs of chips and breaks and may cause a bit of discomfort. If you could still retrieve the chipped part of the tooth, soak it a container with milk or saline solution. Meanwhile, have the child rinse warm water and then manage the swelling on the cheeks with an ice pack. The office treatment for this type of dental injury might depend on its severity. If our dentist detects that the tooth pulps have been affected, he may have to recommend pulpotomy to prevent serious dental pain.

Displaced tooth

A displaced tooth remains in the socket, however, it is dislocated facing a different angle or position. For most cases, a temporary tooth might have to be extracted to prevent complications for the erupting tooth. For the permanent tooth, our emergency dentist might have to reposition the tooth and save it from removal.

Ensure that your child’s teeth are always protected during his daily activities. Consult our dentists to get the most effective mouthguards that suit your kids.


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