Porcelain Braces


Porcelain Braces

Porcelain braces are another type of orthodontic appliances that give patients the same efficiency as metal braces but now with better aesthetics. It is one of the intentions of its creators to provide patients more options to look good while having braces. The features of this new dental appliance highlights on discreetness and effectiveness.


The porcelain braces in Oshawa are made of ceramic or porcelain brackets that are tooth-colored. It also uses clear archwires to complement the total look of the appliance and conceal as much of its form. If your dentist requires you to use rubber bands to keep the wires in place, there are clear or white bands for matching.

These materials are quite durable and are more resistant to stains than the other types of braces. With proper care of your porcelain braces and regular visits to your dentist, you could achieve straight teeth discreetly.

How do porcelain braces work?

The porcelain type of aligners works exactly like the traditional braces. Its brackets and wires are intended to move your teeth to their proper alignment. During schedules, you will have to return to your dentist so he could adjust your porcelain braces in Oshawa. This will ensure that the appliance continues to correct your teeth the way it should.

If you have already decided to get braces for your teeth, then you should see our orthodontist. He will be able to evaluate your overall dental health to check if the procedure suits you well. This initial consultation will end with organizing your porcelain braces treatment plan.

On your next dental appointment, our dentist will install the braces on your teeth that may take up to an hour. This already includes cleaning your teeth to make sure that they’re not at risk of decay throughout the treatment period. Visit us now and check out the advantages of porcelain braces in Oshawa.


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