Dental Implants


Dental Implants

Dental implants are titanium posts that our dentists use to place in a missing tooth gap as a foundation for the replacement tooth. Implants are permanently positioned in the patient’s jawbone and don’t come off like how dentures function. Having said this, these dental screws are pretty sturdy and reliable making it one of the best teeth replacement options.

How dental implants work

Our Oshawa dentist shares that patients need to have the right qualifications to receive tooth implants. There should be a thorough evaluation of the patient first to ensure that implants are suitable for him. Since these dental posts are made of titanium, it is compatible with the human tissue. However, one must have a healthy and sufficient jawbone and tissue in order for dental implants to succeed with osseointegration.

There’s a chance for the treatment to fail if you’re a heavy smoker and practice poor oral hygiene. If you’re going to improve your oral habits for the favor of the treatment, you must continue to do so. The treatment may still fail even when the fusion have succeeded previously. 

During the application of the implants, your Oshawa dentist will access your gums and your jawbones and then attach the implant properly. He will stitch the gums after the placement to secure the post in place. This procedure only takes less than an hour but the healing and integration period lasts up to 6 months.

The second phase happens after the recuperation period and this time the dental implants have been buried in the gums. The dentist needs to re-open the site to attach an extension of the post. An impression will be taken as a basis for the prosthetic tooth, probably a crown.

Once the replacement tooth is placed on the implants, our Oshawa dentist guarantees that your smile’s functions and looks become better. Consult our dentist now and discover the multiple advantages of teeth implants.


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