Gingival Grafting


Gingival Grafting

Gingival grafting is a dental procedure to treat gum recession and advanced periodontal disease. The procedure involves taking soft tissue from the patient’s own palate and using that part to cover the receding gum lines. This treatment is considered as a simple surgical operation with usually a high success rate.

Gum recession

Gum recession, according to our Oshawa dentist is an occurrence where a patient’s gum line starts to pull away from the teeth. This will gradually expose the roots of the teeth to risks of sensitivity and infection. If not treated right away, there’s a possibility of resorting to tooth extraction to prevent further complications.

Gingival grafting procedure

Gingival grafting and proper oral hygiene would greatly help the patient to revert the effects of receding gums. Smoking tobacco and neglecting to brush and floss your teeth will bring back the disease even after the success of the treatment.

The first step of the gum grafting method is to ensure that you feel relaxed during the procedure. Our dentist will administer anesthesia on the affected area and wait for its effect. Once you are comfortable, your Oshawa dentist will clean above the gum lines first by lifting them up. After clearing the site, he will take the tissue from the roof of your mouth and then transfer it to the exposed roots.

He will then secure the graft and stitch it in place and proceeds to stitch the source of the tissue as well. The gingival grafting procedure ends by rinsing the area with salted and sterile water before finally putting a bandage on the fresh operation.

The result of this procedure highly depends on the patient’s suitability with the treatment and his specialist. It’s important that you have such treatment under a skillful Oshawa dentist to ensure safety and satisfaction.


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