Root Canal Treatment


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the procedure dentists would perform to remove an inflamed or infected pulp that’s found inside a tooth. There are various causes which lead to the infection of the tooth pulp. One of its reasons is dental trauma. Often times when a patient encounters an accident that involves his face, the teeth are also affected.

The Airport Dental Centre in Oshawa has treated multiple cases of dental trauma where the teeth have been damaged by cracks or chips and compromised the tooth’s inner tissues. The disease could also be caused by serious decay. Some of the severe damages on the tooth could no longer be saved and must be considered for tooth extraction. However, if the dentist finds a tooth still has the chance to survive, that’s when root canal treatment is done.

Root canal treatment

As mentioned, damaged teeth that aren’t treated immediately result in dental pain or worse — tooth loss. That’s why it’s crucial to bring the patient to the dental emergency care to have the tooth examined and tended.

To perform the root canal therapy, the Airport Dental Centre in Oshawa would first ensure that the patient is relaxed for the procedure by administering anesthesia on the affected site. After that, he will isolate the tooth using a dental dam to keep it from saliva and other obstructions.

Next, he would access the tooth and clear away the disease. He will rinse off the remaining residues and ensure that the chamber is cleaned and disinfected. If there are rough edges, he will polish them to prevent bacteria from lingering on them. The root canal treatment ends with securing the tooth permanently and avoiding further infection by sealing it with filling material.

With the help of our advanced tools and dedicated team of Oshawa dentist, we could help you put a remedy to your dental distress.  


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