Root Canal Therapy


Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is the procedure that dentists recommend in order to treat an infected tooth pulp. It is a necessary treatment in clearing out the disease in your tooth and avoiding the spread of infection or else the tooth will be extracted. Amidst the popular belief that root canal brings discomfort, the Airport Dental Centre in Oshawa will tell you otherwise. If you’re suffering dental pain, a root canal will help you alleviate your discomfort.

Root canal procedure

A root canal treatment requires more than one visit to the dentist depending on the severity of your tooth infection. The first appointment is intended for a thorough assessment of the tooth and its surrounding structures. This might need a dental X-ray as this involves the part of your tooth that is hidden. After the diagnosis, the dentist begins the root canal therapy.

Your dentist will initially give you anesthetics to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Then, he will place a rubber dam around the affected tooth to isolate it and keep it dry. Once it’s settled, he will use his dental tool to create access on top of the tooth and reach the affected area.

By this time, the Airport Dental Centre in Oshawa will clear out the infection including the diseased tooth pulp. It will be followed by filing the root canal chamber until everything is cleaned and polished. After that, the debris will be flushed away using sodium hypochlorite. When the chamber is cleaned and disinfected, the dentist will seal it permanently with fillings.

Sometimes, patients don’t need to return to the clinic for simple operations. However, if the infection is quite severe, you will undergo another step in root canal therapy. Your dentist will have to put medication on the tooth and gives you ample recovery period. After a week, he may suggest you return to the clinic to permanently seal the treated tooth.

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