Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery


Cosmetic Periodontal Surgery

Cosmetic periodontal surgery is one solution to improve the appearance of your smile that’s affected by a gummy smile or gum recession. Sadly, some patients find this occurrence unattractive. For us, it’s actually posing a risk of sensitivity to your tooth roots and is showing an early sign of periodontal disease. Either way, we might recommend that you allow our Oshawa dentist to treat your gum problem with the following treatments.

Crown lengthening

Crown lengthening is one procedure to get rid of a gummy smile; the condition which makes your teeth appear smaller and your gums too exposed. With this procedure, your dentist will remove the excess gum to reveal more of your teeth. After that, he will contour your gum lines to make sure that they’re more aesthetically pleasing.

Soft tissue graft

Another cosmetic periodontal surgery procedure is what dentists refer to as soft tissue grafting. This treatment is best for smiles that show too much of the teeth and their roots. It could also repair the gum recession and protect the tooth roots from possible decay and infection. During this procedure, your Oshawa dentist will use tissue from your palate and cover it on the receding gum lines and achieve better looks.

Ridge augmentation

After tooth loss, the jawbone on that affected site starts to deteriorate and recedes. This happens since there’s no more tooth to hold it in place. The gums on that area will also create an indentation that will likely appear unpleasant. Cosmetic periodontal surgery like ridge augmentation would be able to restore its natural form of the gums and bones by regenerative technique.

If you’re interested to try these procedures and enjoy its benefits, see our Oshawa dentist now. An initial consultation will help them assess your gum issue and look for the most suitable solution to improve your smile.


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