Metal Braces


Metal Braces

Metal braces are the traditional ways of correcting teeth malformation such as crookedness and misalignment. However, it is the most effective of all orthodontic procedures. Braces are comprised of the metal wires and brackets that are attached together. This mechanism helps to firmly grip the teeth and then move them to their correct position.

There are multiple types of orthodontic braces in Oshawa that are available to suit your specific dental needs. One of the most common types of braces other than the metal is the ceramic. Ceramic braces are basically similar to the traditional aligner. What makes it distinguished from the other is its brackets design. Since ceramic could mimic a natural teeth color, it gives the braces an invisible feature.


Usually, putting on the metal braces may take up to 2 hours. Sometimes, it depends on the type of teeth aligner and the severity of the teeth irregularity. It could be done in an hour or more but you don’t have to worry because our clinic offers sedation dentistry to keep you relaxed throughout the process.

The first step in applying the orthodontic braces in Oshawa is to ensure that your teeth are clean. If necessary, your dentist may perform prophylaxis so your teeth remain healthy while enduring the treatment. Next, he will dry your teeth and then apply the bonding glue for the brackets. Some patients noted that the glue tastes unpleasant, however, it’s normal and safe.

Once the brackets are set, it’s time to insert the archwire in the brackets and connect the metal braces together. Your dentist might need elastic bands to secure the archwires in place. He might ask you to keep the bands until your treatment ends or just use it when needed or as advised.

Sure enough, having your orthodontic braces in Oshawa could be a bit challenging but it always pays off at the end of the treatment.


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