Infant Oral Exams


Infant Oral Exams

Your baby’s first year is a crucial period in keeping track of his oral health. Although his teeth at this point are still starting to erupt, it’s already going to be prone to decay and infection. It’s also possible for children to inherit a mother’s oral disease. That’s why we recommend infant oral exams to help you determine the state of your child’s oral health. This way, we could also guide you on how to properly care for your child’s mouth and teeth while it’s still developing.

During those exams, expect that his Oshawa dentist will ask for your medical and dental history. Since there’s a chance for parents, especially mothers to transfer dental caries to their children, they should also be evaluated. This would also be an opportunity to ask the mother if she has had challenges during pregnancy and birth that may affect the infant.

Prior to the actual infant oral exams, it’s also best to share if the child has recent health issues or allergies. Dentists might also ask at this stage how you’re doing the oral care routine with your child. All these information are vital to the dentist’s assessment. This will also help the Oshawa dentist locate where and what to focus during the physical exam.

Oral examination

The physical exam will require the parent to hold the baby in a certain position where the dentist could carefully look into his mouth. Usually, the baby sits on the parent’s lap with his head on a pillow. The parent holds the baby’s hands while the elbow is used to secure the child’s legs. On the opposite side, the dentist will have a clear and stable position to perform the infant oral exams.

This process should be quick but thorough. Rest assured that with our skillful dentists, you and your child will be comfortable during the process and will enjoy the benefits. Book for a consultation with our Oshawa dentist now and ensure your child’s oral health with us.


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