Not everyone is gifted with genetically straight and beautiful teeth. Some of you complain about having crooked bites even with a religious oral regimen. We understand that it’s not all about the appearance, it also affects your eating habits and speech. At the Airport Dental Centre in Oshawa, our team of orthodontics are ready to help you with these services:

Metal braces

The traditional braces are one of the most popular orthodontic appliances because of its reliability and effectiveness. The metal wires serve a purpose in correcting your teeth so don’t worry too much about its looks. You may ask your Oshawa dentist if there are other designs that may suit your preference. Today, more bracket designs are available so teenagers wouldn’t feel too conscious.

Porcelain braces

Aside from metal, braces now come with porcelain brackets. It may be different in appearance but it’s the same proven orthodontics function. Most patients benefit from this type of braces with their impression. It’s more aesthetically pleasing since porcelain is similar to a natural teeth color. The matching shade will create an illusion that you’re not wearing any teeth appliance.


If you want to align your teeth, minus the glaring wires and bands, try Invisalign. This is a recent advancement in dentistry that provides additional convenience than the conventional type. If you’re not too fond of the metal braces, the plastic aligners might work for you. Your Oshawa dentist will create customizable aligner trays to straighten your teeth. It’s virtually invisible, light, and removable. It just has so much to offer!

Space maintainers

It’s normal for kids to have gaps between their teeth as a part of their growth. However, these spaces could contribute to teeth misalignment if not replaced. Replacements aren’t really advisable for children that’s why orthodontics have space maintainers. This arch material will support the surrounding teeth and hold them off from shifting until the permanent tooth comes out.

Functional appliances

Another type of braces come in the form of a functional appliance. These look like retainers but they can correct mild teeth issues such as overbites. Our Oshawa dentist will assess your dental health and provide you with the appropriate treatment.


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