Periodontics focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of the soft tissues, gums, and other surrounding structures of your teeth. Gum disease is a simple case of infection, however, when left untreated will cause serious risks to your dental health.

Advanced periodontal disease

When things get worse than gingivitis, it becomes a periodontal disease. At this point, the gums start to detach from the teeth and create a space for bacteria buildup. At the Airport Dental Centre in Oshawa, our specialists remove the bacteria to stop the development of the disease and prevent it from coming back or progressing into worse complications.

Cosmetic periodontal surgery

Aside from keeping the infection away, our periodontists also specialize in improving the appearance of your smile. If patients request for a gummy smile fix, periodontics is one helpful method in gum contouring.

Gingival grafting

Gingival or gum grafting is one way to control receding gums. This is a simple and safe surgical procedure that involves the collection of tissues from the roof of the mouth. The collected tissues will then be used to restore the withdrawing gums.

Crown lengthening

At Airport Dental Centre in Oshawa, we also perform crown lengthening to improve the appearance of our patients who have gummy smile or small teeth. However, it’s also a restorative treatment that’s essential in attaching dental prosthetics.

Dental implants

Periodontics also covers the placement of dental implants with the involvement of the gums and jawbone. This method is done with precision to ensure success with osseointegration and its future functions.

Bone and tissue regeneration

With the aid of technological advancements, the Airport Dental Centre in Oshawa now offers bone and tissue regeneration treatment. This procedure will be very helpful for patients who need a full and healthy gum structure for restorations and even aesthetic purposes.

Scaling and root planing

We also have a simple and non-invasive way to fix your gum problems. Scaling and root planing is a precise and quick procedure in removing the hardened plaque and tartar that’s been hiding under your gum lines. Just think of it as regular teeth cleaning session and you’re done!

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