Oral Pathology Testing


Oral Pathology Testing

Oral pathology testing is a method in dentistry that focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases in the mouth and the entire maxillofacial region. Signs of irregularities like discoloration, lesions or sores could mean a lot of things and our dentists could help you find it’s the true cause. One of the risks of these symptoms may lead to oral cancer that’s why you’re encouraged to have oral pathology testing in Oshawa at least once a year.

Patients at high risk of developing oral cancer

Tobacco use. If you’re an active or chain smoker, there’s a higher chance of you having this life-threatening disease. Most oral cancer patients are confirmed to be regular smokers. These include the use of cigarettes, pipes, and cigars. If you have loved ones who may have been affected by second-hand smoke, they should also take oral pathology testing.

Alcohol consumption. Most patients with head and neck cancer are found to be heavy drinkers of alcoholic beverages after taking the oral pathology testing in Oshawa. Even if the patient isn’t a regular alcohol drinker but is consuming it together with smoking, there’s a greater risk that he would develop oral cancer.  


During an oral pathology testing, our dentist uses digital technology to easily detect the following signs in your mouth:

  • Mouth sores. Although canker sores are normal, there are those that doesn’t heal and always bleed especially when touched. If that’s the case, it needs a more thorough assessment.
  • Sore throat. A sore throat that is considered serious may be a symptom to oral cancer if it’s chronic and don’t seem to heal.
  • Lumps. Any lump is suspicious enough and must not be taken lightly. An oral pathology testing in Oshawa might just be able to save your life if you take it early.

Dentists have considered other marks of distinction that may need this dental procedure. If you find yourself on this page looking for a solution to these signs, then do not delay. Give us a call now so we may help you find the appropriate treatment for you.  


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