Crown Lengthening


Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening procedure is performed to recontour the gums that are giving a patient a gummy smile. It’s also done to reveal more of damaged teeth for a dental restoration like teeth caps.

If you’re considering this treatment, you have to consult your Oshawa dentist first. He must be able to come up with a prognosis before recommending a certain dental procedure. You need to provide dental and medical records to help with the dentist’s assessment. You should also share with your dentist what medications you are currently taking that might affect the treatment. Prior to the crown lengthening procedure, your dentist might also take an X-ray to reveal the entirety of your teeth structure.

Crown lengthening procedure

On your next dental appointment, your dentist begins the treatment by applying anesthesia on the affected site. This helps you relax throughout the procedure and endure the duration that may take up to an hour or two depending on the number of teeth involved.

Once you’re settled, the Airport Dental Centre in Oshawa starts to remove the excess gums from the teeth. Depending on the purpose, he does it until the gum lines reveal a better size and shape of your bites He might also remove the rest of the gums surrounding the teeth to give enough space for the dental crown.

When your dentist is satisfied with the crown lengthening, he finishes the job by rinsing the area with sterile water. He will then stitch and arrange the gums then cover it with a bandage. Before you’re sent home, your dentist will prescribe medications for you to take whenever you feel discomfort from your new operation.

The procedure can be sensitive and rigid that’s why you need our Oshawa dentist to ensure that you achieve a safe and successful smile makeover.


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