Special Care Patients


Special Care Patients

Special care dentistry focuses on providing oral care and treatment to patients who need special attention due to their physical or intellectual impairment. Fortunately, we have a compassionate team who are ready to welcome and treat them, especially the younger kids. Because just like everyone else, they need specialists to help them keep their oral health in check and keep their smiles captivating.

Special needs appointment

According to the Airport Dental Centre in Oshawa, booking a dental appointment for special care patients is different from the regular ones. They should be scheduled on a date where there aren’t much activity or clients in the clinic. Special care patients should be in a gentle and pleasant environment because they can be sensitive and might easily get anxious.

Special care dentistry has the appropriate methods on how to handle special needs patients. Its special care practitioners took extra courses and training to really understand what the patients need. Usually, when sensitive patients need a dental operation, they will be under general anesthesia for it to succeed.

Special needs dentist

Most of the Oshawa dentist have the compassion and skill in dealing with kids. However, not everyone has the aptitude to interact and understand the special needs patients. These specialists have incorporated proper studies and training to officially consider themselves as special needs dentists.

If you’re looking for the right dentist for your child, special care dentistry is already connected in social media. You could easily search for a suitable dentist for your kid and look for online reviews about his service. You may also contact medical or dental schools to ask for recommendations. You may as well ask around friends and families for suggestions as they might know a great specialist for your kid.

Our Oshawa dentists will definitely ensure that your kids will receive the special care that they need during their dental visit.


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