Space Maintainers


Space Maintainers

One of the reasons why children grow up with mild teeth misalignment is due to the fact that not all teeth erupt or lose together and result to spaces. Without anything to hold the existing teeth from shifting to the gaps, the irregularities happen. That’s why our dentists recommend space maintainers for your kids. This dental appliance is a great aid to prevent severe cases of teeth crookedness that requires complex and expensive teeth correction methods.

Types of space maintainers

There are two types of dental maintainers that are available for kids. It’s either removable or fixed. The removable maintainers are usually made of acrylic which is similar to most orthodontic appliances. According to our Oshawa dentist, the removable type looks like a partial denture since it’s made of artificial tooth and plastic gums. The tooth will fill in the space to keep the other teeth from moving into it and ready it for the erupting tooth.

Fixed space maintainers are made of bent wires that are permanently fitted into the teeth. There are multiple types of fixed maintainers but the mechanism is the same. It keeps the space free until its tooth comes out. To set your expectations, this type of appliance might give your child a few days before he gets used to it in his teeth. Whatever the progress is, it’s best to share it to the dentist so he could give you proper advise.

Our Oshawa dentist will know when it’s time to remove the appliance since your child will have to regularly visit the clinic. During the visits, we will monitor the developing tooth by taking dental X-rays. When it’s close to eruption, our dentist will then detach the space maintainers.

Give your child the best possible dental care that he deserves with the help of dental professionals. Make sure you consult your Oshawa dentist and involve your child during your dental appointments.


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