Neglecting oral care causes tooth damage and soon cavity symptoms become widespread. You might notice that some of your teeth have dark spots or patches. As you look closer into your mouth, you discover a tooth hole. The absence of pain is not a sign that you don’t need to see your dentist for a checkup or treatment. In fact, you need cavity treatment sooner than you think.

Dental decay is one of the leading causes of serious oral problems like periodontal or gum disease. You would rather deal with cavities before they cause further damage to your teeth. Surely, you don’t want to go through more complex dental procedures, right? After all, there are many advances in dental technology to help solve your dental problems. 

Treatments that eliminate cavity symptoms

Cavity laser treatment

Laser dentistry is becoming a trend to treat cavity symptoms and prevent them from coming back. The laser light removes the decayed parts of the tooth and it also kills bacteria within the surrounding gums in seconds. Furthermore, it only targets the diseased part of the tooth and avoids damaging healthy tissues. Not to mention, it causes less trauma to the treated tooth. 

Laser treatment is a modern approach to resolving tooth decay problems. It’s fast, comfortable and the patient no longer hears the drilling noise of the traditional dental tools. Best of all, it gives the dentist full control of the treatment. 

Dental filling 

One of the popular choices of cavity treatment is dental filling. Your dentist uses composite resin materials to fill in and build the tooth structure again. Dental fillings block bacteria from entering into the dentin and tooth pulp that leads to infection. More importantly, they strengthen the tooth and prevent breakage.  

The composite resin is a tooth-colored filling which blends well with the rest of the teeth’s natural color. Therefore, you no don’t have to be self-conscious when you smile since nobody would even notice you had tooth cavities then. 

Root canal treatment

Some patients have severe cavity symptoms such as tooth sensitivity or infection in the root canals. Bacteria penetrate on the pulp and cause infection when cavities damage the protective layers of the tooth. In this case, you need to undergo root canal treatment to eliminate sensitivity and infection. 
Oshawa dental care offers root canal therapy aside from regular dental cleaning and early cavity treatment. These dental treatments will keep bacteria at bay and prevent them from damaging your teeth. On one hand, you also have to do your part in maintaining excellent oral hygiene since it’s the most effective home remedy to treat cavities.


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