Sometimes patients suffer from dental anxiety because they don’t know what to expect from a certain procedure. Overthinking and being nervous about something like having dental fillings can be tiring. It can rob you of the energy that you can use on other things. If you are in need of fillings, then we are here to guide you on what to expect from them. 

Before anything else, know that having fillings is not something to be afraid of. A tooth filling restores the health, function, and shape of a tooth damaged by decay. There are three main types of fillings to choose from. These are gold, amalgam, porcelain, and composite fillings.

Here are 5 things that you can expect when you need a tooth filling

  1. No specific filling works perfectly with everyone. Varying dental needs require different dental fillings. Your Oshawa dentist will determine the suitable type of filling for you based on the damage, and health concerns. Others are allergic to certain metals present in amalgam fillings. Cost and appearance are also taken into consideration when choosing the right filling.

2. Dental amalgams, also known as silver fillings, have been used for over 150 years. They are the least expensive among the others. They are durable and resist wear very well.

However, many patients chose other options like composite resin and porcelain fillings. This is because amalgam filling has a dark color that is very noticeable on the teeth.

3. Contrary to the belief of many, the mercury content of amalgam fillings is not harmful. The only threat that amalgam fillings pose to your health is that if you are allergic to some of the metals in it.

4. Composite fillings or tooth-colored composites easily blends with your natural teeth. People will hardly notice them because their color is the same as your tooth’s surface. They are also repaired and replaced easily without removing the original filling. 

This type of filling is not advisable for large fillings as they may chip or wear as time goes.

5. Gold dental fillings last for more than 20 years. They are first made in a dental laboratory before your Oshawa dentists cement them on your tooth. Having gold fillings will require several trips to the dentist.

You guessed it, this type of filling is the most expensive among all the others.

Five things that happen during a dental filling procedure 

  1. Your dentist will first use a local anesthetic so that the area around your tooth will be numb. This is what will help you relax during treatment because you won’t feel any pain.

2. Next, he will remove the decaying area of your tooth with his dental tool. Remember that if you have cavities needing treatment, not addressing them will lead to more problems. Fillings will not be able to fix them if they worsen and you might need to have your teeth replaced with a dental crown

3. He will make sure that all traces of decay and bacteria are gone by cleaning it. This is also to prevent it from happening again after the filling is in place.

4. After making sure that the area is clean, your dentist will now place the filling of your choice on your teeth.

5. For tooth-colored or composite fillings, your dentist will need to apply it in layers. After doing this successfully, he will now use a special light that will harden each layer. Before letting you go, he will polish the filling and trim off any excess material. This is to give you a comfortable and presentable restoration.

It is understandable to feel anxious before a dental procedure. However, your dentists will ensure that this will not hinder you from achieving good dental health. Visit the nearest dental office in Oshawa today if you have inquiries concerning teeth fillings. 



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