If you are looking for a permanent solution to your missing teeth, talk to your dentist about dental implant procedure. An implant is a dental appliance inserted into the patient’s jawbone to act as an artificial root of the tooth. An oral surgeon is responsible to complete the dental implant surgery. On one hand, the patient is responsible in caring for following the surgeon’s orders for a speedy recovery. He must seek his dentist’s advice for any dental implant infection signs after the surgery. 

The dental surgeon carries out a comprehensive examination which involves taking a digital X-ray of the surgical site. Furthermore, he also reviews the patient’s medical history as he considers these aspects in planning for the treatment. The surgeon gathers all details to ensure that the patient is a good candidate for the surgery. 

Dental implant procedure

An implant has three components; a dental post, an abutment, and an artificial tooth replacement. The post serves as the artificial root and the abutment connects the root to the false tooth. Each part involves a different phase of the dental implant procedure

Placing the dental post

The first phase of the procedure is the successful placement of the dental post into the patient’s jawbone. The dental surgeon makes an incision in the gums to access the bone and insert the post into it. Then, he closes up the incision through stitches and let it heal for months. In most cases, the patient’s recovery period is between three to six months. During this period, the patient should be watchful for dental implant infection signs such as excessive bleeding or swelling in the surgical area. If he notices these signs 72 hours after the surgery, he needs to immediately see his oral surgeon for consultation. 

The recovery takes a long while because the artificial root needs to blend with the natural bones of the patient. This process is called osseointegration. The post is made from titanium or zirconia since these are biocompatible materials that fuse with the human body. 

Placement of the abutment

The patient sees his dentist again after a certain period to see if the dental post successfully blends with the bone. Once the radiograph confirms it, the dental surgeon accesses his gums again for the placement of the abutment. Then, he allows his patient’s gums to heal for a few weeks before he places the dental restoration. This is to ensure that the post and abutment are strong and durable enough to hold the artificial tooth. 

Putting the dental restoration 

Finally, the patient completes the dental implant procedure during his third visit. The dentist takes a digital model of the patient’s teeth and sends it to the milling that crafts the artificial tooth. The patient may choose a dental crown or denture to cover the abutment that’s protruding from his gums. In about two hours, the restoration is successfully placed on top of the implant, and the patient’s smile is completely restored.
Having to go through a dental implant surgery at the Oshawa dental clinic is worth it to preserve your smile for life. As long as you follow your surgeon’s post-care tips, you’ll have a successful surgery without any dental implant infection signs.


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