Root canal treatment is a method of saving a diseased tooth from extraction. An endodontist who specializes in this treatment explains it’s necessary when a tooth’s pulp is infected. Yet, how can you tell when your oral cavity is infected?   

As you know, each tooth has four parts.

  • Enamel is the topmost part that protects the tooth crown.
  • Dentin is a soft substance below the enamel.
  • The pulp is where the blood vessels and tooth nerves are that sends signals for pain or sensitivity.
  • Cementum covers the tooth’s roots. 

Once bacteria damages the enamel and penetrates the dentin and pulp, it might become infected and develop an abscess. This is one of the root canal infection symptoms. You need to see your Oshawa dentist as soon as possible and seek treatment before the infection spreads. Read on to learn more about other symptoms you may be experiencing. 

When do you need root canal treatment?


Dental pain is a strong indicator that you have a tooth infection. Your dentist will do a comprehensive checkup that requires a digital X-ray to reveal the condition of your aching tooth. Once there is an infection, root canal treatment is the best option to salvage the tooth from being removed. 

Tenderness on the gums

Another sign that you need to undergo a root canal procedure is having tender or swollen gums. Though it could also be a sign of gum disease, however, the radiograph might indicate an abscess is developing within the pulp. One of the root canal infection symptoms that you need to look out for is the presence of white spots or pimples in the swollen gums. 

Tooth discoloration 

When only one of your teeth is darkened, it could indicate an infection in the roots of the tooth. This cannot be treated even with laser teeth whitening because the cause is within the damaged pulp. 

Tooth sensitivity

Root canal treatment is the best treatment option to resolve tooth sensitivity. Once the tooth pulp is infected, it becomes sensitive to temperature change in the mouth. Hence, you feel a sudden tooth pain when you consume hot or cold beverage. You can’t even enjoy your ice cream anymore. Others also experience sensitivity to cold air or when they eat sweet food. 

If you experience one of these root canal infection symptoms, immediately seek help from your dentist. Don’t wait for it to escalate or affect other teeth before you take action. Let your dentist help you save your precious tooth today!


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